Our Leadership

  • Lisa Rickard


    Lisa A. Rickard has served as president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) since March 2003, providing strategic leadership to ILR’s comprehensive program aimed at changing the legal culture that has resulted in our nation’s litigation explosion. ILR’s multifaceted campaign takes the fight for legal reform to legislators, the courts, and the public by engaging in legislative advocacy, strategic communications, and voter education.
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  • Harold Kim

    Chief Operating Officer

    Harold H. Kim serves as the chief operating officer of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. He is responsible for providing strategy, policy guidance, programmatic management, and leadership support for ILR’s comprehensive program aimed at improving the nation’s litigation climate.
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  • John Abegg

    Executive Vice President

    John K. Abegg serves as the Executive Vice President of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. He is responsible for providing advocacy, strategy, policy development, and administrative leadership to support ILR’s extensive initiatives.

  • M. Sc‌évole de Cazotte

    Senior Vice President, International Initiatives

    Scévole de Cazotte is responsible for the strategic development, management, and implementation of ILR’s international advocacy efforts to address litigation/liability and litigation funding issues in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and in other regions of the world.

  • Page C. Faulk

    Senior Vice President, Legal Reform Initiatives

    Page Faulk is responsible for a variety of issues including managing ILR's comprehensive state attorneys general program, and advancing ILR's transnational litigation and investigative initiatives.

  • Rita Perlman

    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations

    Rita Perlman directs and executes the day-to-day operations, specifically focusing on administration and governance matters. She leads the ILR branding and content marketing strategies which includes ILR’s website, LinkedIn and Google social media efforts, and event sponsorships.

  • Bryan Quigley

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications

    Bryan Quigley is responsible for developing and implementing ILR’s broad-based communications strategies and programs, including all electronic communications and social media. He helped create ILR’s award-winning Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign.

  • Oriana Senatore

    Senior Vice President, Policy and Research

    Oriana Senatore is responsible for the research function of ILR and provides strategy, policy development, and legal analysis for its comprehensive program. She also manages ILR’s annual Legal Reform Summit, data privacy project, and a variety of ILR initiatives.

  • Matt Webb

    Senior Vice President, Legal Reform Policy

    Matt Webb is responsible for a variety of management and programmatic responsibilities for ILR’s federal programs. This includes developing, implementing, and managing legal and legislative strategies for ILR’s civil justice reform efforts, as well as shareholder activism and campaign finance reform issues.

  • Nathan Morris

    Vice President, Legislative Affairs

    Nathan Morris directs legal reform advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C., and in state capitols throughout the country. His portfolio includes programs on mass torts, judicial rules, and criminal law reform.

  • Jim Martin

    Executive Director, Political Affairs

    Jim Martin is responsible for strategically developing and implementing legislative, grassroots, and public education initiatives, that articulate ILR’s messages, aimed at impacting public opinion.

  • Lana Skelo

    Senior Director, State Legislative Affairs

    Lana Skelo is responsible for managing and implementing state-level policy advocacy programs through strategic grassroots and public education programs. Her work focuses on national civil justice reform issues such as bad faith, litigation funding, and state false claims act.

  • Roger Gibboni

    Director, Legislative Affairs

    Roger Gibboni manages ILR’s special projects and advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels. His work focuses on engaging with the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, state attorneys general, and state legislatures on legal reform issues such as mass torts, lawsuit advertising practices, and municipal litigation. 

  • James Locke

    Director, Legislative Affairs

    James Locke is responsible for developing ILR’s federal programs through advocacy and outreach to key stakeholders. His portfolio of issues includes civil justice reform, ILR’s data privacy project, and over-enforcement initiatives.

  • Shira Rawlinson

    Senior Director, Communications

    Shira Rawlinson is responsible for managing ILR’s media relations, including digital and social media, and helping craft and implement communications strategies. She serves as ILR’s primary contact for journalists and manages its award-winning Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign.