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Studies over the years have consistently shown that the United States has one of the most expensive tort systems in the world (costing $429 billion in 2017). The U.S. business litigation environment is well-known to be particularly litigious, costly and ineffective. Yet, despite these obvious flaws, countries around the world are increasingly “importing” the most problematic features of the U.S. litigation system. Read More...

A recent ILR study shows that most EU Member States, including the UK, are rapidly adopting collective redress mechanisms without setting in place essential safeguards to prevent litigation abuse. To make matters worse, traditional European litigation safeguards, like the “loser-pays” rule, are eroding.

On top of these country-specific developments, the European Commission has also issued a proposal for a directive on collective actions that would allow consumers to bring American-style class action lawsuits in the EU. The proposed system goes further than the broadest form of collective action currently in existence in the EU.

As these trends develop around the world, those looking to take advantage of the courts in order to make a profit are also expanding globally. Third party litigation funders, which invest in claims for a percentage of the awards, are growing vigorously in many countries, including Australia, Canada, and the UK. The Financial Times reported that £70 billion (or approximately $100 billion) was a reasonable estimate of the amount of litigation funding available to funders and firms worldwide.

To mitigate these risks, ILR engages around the world to caution foreign policymakers and stakeholders against adopting U.S.-style class actions and advocate for safeguards and alternative methods of dispute resolution. ILR also commissions timely and substantive research that is often cited by foreign policymakers, stakeholders, and the media.


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