legal Reform Summit

The 2016 Legal Reform Summit explored the various components and parts that fuel the American "litigation machine," and how these elements, such as third party litigation funding, data privacy liability, class action litigation, trial lawyer advertising, and government over-enforcement, impact American businesses and consumers.

Review key trends and insights from this year's Legal Reform Summit, including pivitol research and Mitt Romney's keynote speech on American innovation.

Keynote: The Honorable Mitt Romney

The Honorable Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee and former Governor of Massachusetts, gave a refreshing keynote speech on American innovation and current legal trends.

Opening Remarks: Lisa A. Rickard

ILR President Lisa A. Rickard raged against the “litigation machine” during her opening remarks and discussed the “litigation machine’s” impact on the American civil justice system.

Special Remarks: Thomas J. Donohue

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President & Chief Executive Officer Thomas J. Donohue shared his thoughts on current legal trends during his special remarks.

Big Bucks and Local Lawyers: The Increasing Use of Contingency Fee Lawyers by Local Governments
Similar to state AGs hiring outside contingency fee counsel, local authorities are increasingly following this model to bring cases. Learn more about the disturbing trend and the impact these arrangements have had on the legal system.

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2016 Legal Reform Summit



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