Delaware is ranked #11 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, falling ten spots from first place, a position it had held every year since the Survey was first released in 2002. Despite this fall, Delaware still ranks in the top ten in the key element categories of scientific and technical evidence, trial judges' competence, quality of appellate review, and enforcing meaningful venue requirements.

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  1. In the News Today - January 6, 2016

    January 06, 2016 | News and Blog

    ‘The Judge Who Shoots Down Merger Lawsuits': The Wall Street Journal profiles Delaware Chancery Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster, a "notoriously tough judge who has shown thinning patience" with disclosure-only merger lawsuits, which are thus being filed in decreasing numbers in the state. (Wall Street Journal)... Read More

  2. In the News Today - October 19, 2015

    October 19, 2015 | News and Blog

    The Associated Press this weekend spotlighted the "increasingly aggressive" tactics of state governments to track down unclaimed property. Thanks to these aggressive tactics, a startup by two medical researchers who developed a Hepatitis B treatment was forced to sue the state of Delaware when the state aggressively took control of $1.7 million of the company's stock. The company took a big loss in the process. (Associated Press)... Read More

  3. In the News Today - October 12, 2015

    October 12, 2015 | News and Blog

    In rejecting the settlement of a shareholder lawsuit against Hewletter-Packard Co., a Delaware judge said "the welter of litigation challenging corporate mergers has become a systemic problem." (Wall Street Journal)... Read More

  4. In the News Today - September 24, 2015

    September 24, 2015 | News and Blog

    "After looking at the merits of civil justice issues in all states, Florida was ranked 44. Unfortunately, that's a decline," said Florida Justice Reform Institute's William Large, commenting in a story about ILR's 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey. (WJNO Radio-Palm Beach, FL)... Read More

  5. Survey: Companies Say State Lawsuit Climates More Important than Ever in Deciding Where to Grow

    September 10, 2015 | Press Release

    New Poll Shows Several Large States Like California and Illinois Rank Among the Worst Litigation Environments for Businesses; Delaware at Top Spot... Read More

  6. Delaware's Corporate-Friendly Brand 'Facing an Unusual Amount of Pressure'

    August 31, 2015 | News and Blog Read More

  7. 'Growing Tide' of Shareholder Lawsuits Causing Companies to Sour on Delaware as their Corporate Homes

    August 03, 2015 | News and Blog

    The Wall Street Journal reports on a number of major corporations who are reconsidering the state of Delaware as their corporate homes.... Read More

  8. Addressing Abusive M&A Lawsuits in the Wake of Delaware's "Fee-Shifting" Prohibition

    July 20, 2015 | News and Blog

    Business Insurance highlights recent Delaware legislation prohibiting corporate "fee shifting" bylaws and the impact in "addressing the rising costs of litigation associated with merger and acquisition activity."... Read More

  9. In the News Today - July 15, 2015

    July 15, 2015 | News and Blog

    There is growing "resistance" among Delaware Chancery Court judges to "M&A settlements in which plaintiffs grant defendants broad releases of shareholder claims in exchange for just additional disclosures in deal proxy materials." Last week, Delaware Vice-Chancellors John Noble and Travis Laster both refused to approve disclosure-only settlements, and a Fordham law professor recently filed an objection to the settlement of shareholder litigation over Thoma Bravo's $3.6 billion acquisition of Riverbed Technologies to "provoke debate" on this disclosure-only settlements. (Reuters)... Read More

  10. Delaware Court Dismisses GM Defect Shareholder Suit

    July 07, 2015 | News and Blog

    Delaware Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock dismissed a shareholder lawsuit against General Motors Co. over last year's ignition switch recalls, signaling a positive outlook for the company as it stares down hundreds more cases in connection with the recalls.... Read More