Florida is ranked #46 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, falling two spots from its already low 2015 ranking. Florida scores poorly in all of the key element categories, but particularly with regard to the competence and impartiality of trial judges—where it ranked 48th.  

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  1. "Protecting Legal Fraud in Florida"

    January 22, 2018 | News

    A Wall Street Journal editorial said a group of Florida Republicans are failing to stop a "man-made litigation flood" by trying to "block insurance reform." ... Read More

  2. In the News Today - January 19, 2018

    January 19, 2018 | News

    Fla. Voters Want to Reform AOB System, Fla. Chamber Poll Finds; Report: Employment-Related Class Action Settlements Skyrocketed in 2017... Read More

  3. In the News Today - January 17, 2018

    January 17, 2018 | News

    Workplace Class Actions Soared in 2017; Windshield Replacement Anti-Fraud Proposal Clears First Senate Hurdle... Read More

  4. Fla. Official: Assignment of Benefits Abuse a "Category Five Hurricane"

    January 16, 2018 | News

    The Florida Chief Financial Officer said unchecked assignment of benefits abuse "is literally a category five hurricane that would financially cripple the state," reports WTSP Tampa Bay.... Read More

  5. Florida House Goes 1-for-2 on Much-Needed Legal Reform

    January 12, 2018 | Blogs

    The Florida House of Representatives passed two pieces of legislation today that could have big implications for the state's economy. One of those measures should be advanced immediately. The other still needs work. ... Read More

  6. In the News Today - January 10, 2018

    January 10, 2018 | News

    Florida Appeals Court, Regulator Reject Curbing "Assignment of Benefits" Lawsuit Abuse; Attorneys Duel Over Fee Split In $785M Pfizer FCA Settlement... Read More

  7. "Politicians and the assignment of benefits insurance scam"

    January 09, 2018 | News

    An op-ed in the Sun Sentinel called on the Florida legislature to fix the "assignment of benefits insurance scam."... Read More

  8. In the News Today - January 8, 2018

    January 08, 2018 | News

    Lawmakers to take another stab at ending claims abuses blamed for rate hikes; TransUnion, Chamber Back Spokeo's High Court Standing Bid... Read More

  9. In the News Today - December 18, 2017

    December 18, 2017 | News

    Florida Chamber issues alert on assignment of benefits abuse, rising premiums; NY Should Reform Tort Law, Group Says... Read More

  10. In the News Today - December 15, 2017

    December 15, 2017 | News

    Fla. High Court Won't Rule On Gov.'s Plan To Name 3 Justices; Call it the "Mystery of the Missing Memo"... Read More