Iowa is ranked #13 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, falling nine spots from 2015. Previously, Iowa had consistently ranked in the top ten. Despite this slip in the rankings, Iowa scored first in the key element category of having and enforcing meaningful venue requirements.

Iowa at a Glance

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In the News Today - April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017 | News and Blog

The Iowa House approved legislation Wednesday that would cap financial awards in most medical malpractice lawsuits at $250,000. Additionally, the legislation, which passed 65-32, would create standards for expert witnesses testifying in medical malpractice cases. Read More »

Iowa Joins Nine States, Federal Government in Combating Asbestos Fraud

March 24, 2017 | News and Blog

Yesterday, Iowa joined nine other states and the federal government in combatting plaintiffs' lawyers' systematic abuse of the $30 billion asbestos trust system. Read More »

In the News Today - February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017 | News and Blog

Yesterday's edition of NBC's "Today" show featured a segment about so-called "slack fill" class action lawsuits, to which ILR responded with a media statement pointing to the release of a new report highlighting the growth in food and beverage lawsuits in America. Read More »

National Coverage Continues of ILR's 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey

September 21, 2015 | News and Blog

"More business leaders than ever have identified a state's lawsuit climate as a significant factor in determining their growth and expansion plans. States ought to take notice that a good lawsuit climate is vital to their continued job growth," said ILR President Lisa A. Rickard, as quoted in a Corporate Counsel story about the 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey. Read More »

Survey: Companies Say State Lawsuit Climates More Important than Ever in Deciding Where to Grow

September 10, 2015 | Press Release

New Poll Shows Several Large States Like California and Illinois Rank Among the Worst Litigation Environments for Businesses; Delaware at Top Spot Read More »

In The News Today - February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015 | News and Blog

Citing his "dissatisfaction with Lynch's written answers in response to committee members' posthearing questions," U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) said that a confirmation vote on U.S. attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch will have to wait another two weeks. Read More »

In The News Today - January 9, 2015

January 09, 2015 | News and Blog

In what will reportedly be the "largest civil penalty an automaker will have to pay," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will fine Honda $70 million. Read More »

Under Fire for Critical 'Farmer' Comment, Rep. Braley Sues Neighbor over Therapeutic Chickens

July 15, 2014 | News and Blog

Earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) was forced to apologize to his state's senior U.S. Senator, Charles Grassley, after Braley was caught on videotape disparaging fellow Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley as "a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school." Braley is in the news again after he threatened legal action against the homeowner's association where he owns a vacation home - over a neighbor's "four therapeutic chickens." Read More »

The 2012 State Liability Systems Ranking Study

September 10, 2012 | Research

The 2012 State Liability Systems Ranking Study was conducted for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform to explore how fair and reasonable the states' tort liability systems are perceived to be by U.S. businesses. Participants in the survey were comprised of a national sample of 1,125 in-house general counsel, senior litigators or attorneys, and other senior executives who indicated that they are knowledgeable about litigation matters at companies with at least $100 million in annual revenues. The 2012 ranking builds on previous years' work, where in each survey year all 50 states are ranked by those familiar with the litigation environment in that state. Prior to these rankings, information regarding the attitudes of the business world toward the legal systems in each of the states had been largely anecdotal. The State Liability Systems Ranking Study aims to quantify how corporate attorneys view the state systems. Read More »

Chamber Supports Iowa Pro-Business Legislation

April 24, 2003 | Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC, April 25, 2003 - The United States Chamber of Commerce today endorsed a comprehensive business-climate enhancement bill under consideration by the Iowa House of Representatives. The Iowa Senate previously endorsed the plan, as did the Commerce Committee of the Iowa House. Read More »

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