Michigan is ranked #33 in the 2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, down eleven spots since 2017. In the key element category of Quality of Appellate Review, it declined by 25 places but in the Damages category, it increased by nine places. Detroit made the list of the Cities or Counties with the Least Fair and Reasonable Litigation Environment.


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    September 18, 2020 | News

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    August 10, 2020 | News

    Manufacturers across our nation have kept their doors open and supply chains intact during the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to an op-ed by John Walsh, the president and CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association, they live in fear of costly lawsuits.... Read More

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    A user's guide to state legal reforms, providing policymakers with an array of options available to foster a sound legal system and promote states' economies. This resource also offers a compilation of recently-enacted legal reforms to show how legislators can move the proposals described in the guide from theory into practice.... Read More

  7. Plaintiffs' Firms Tussle Over Flint Water Crisis Litigation

    April 12, 2018 | News

    Nationally known plaintiffs' firms Cohen Milstein and Napoli Shkolnik have each asked a federal judge to remove the other from their positions in litigation over the Flint water crisis, Forbes Legal Newsline reports. ... Read More

  8. The Great Myths of State False Claims Acts

    February 28, 2018 | Research

    The 2018 update to "Great Myths of State False Claims Acts" shows that the whistleblowers' bar is continuing to capitalize on state qui tam False Claims Acts (FCAs), harvesting windfall awards from states and the federal government. The paper also points out that the dubious benefits of implementing a state FCA turn into a clear financial net negative when states allow their FCAs to fall out of compliance with federal standards.... Read More

  9. In the News Today - May 18, 2017

    May 18, 2017 | News and Blog

    House Bill 1774, a piece of legislation aimed at ending abusive and frivolous hailstorm litigation, is now on its way to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk. The Institute for Legal Reform issued a statement "applauding the Texas legislature for prioritizing legal reform" and urged Gov. Abbott to sign the legislation swiftly.... Read More

  10. Michigan Endowment to Invest in Litigation Funding

    February 15, 2017 | News and Blog

    The University of Michigan plans to invest $50 million with a fund co-founded by Boaz Weinstein and Lee Drucker that specializes in litigation strategy. ... Read More